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Deep Connection

By December 22, 2023January 14th, 2024No Comments

Be ready to deeply connect with yourself and others. Stop refusing yourself that desire.

Deep connection

Maybe one of your primordial needs is Deep Connection. How can you know that?

It is the case for a lot of us. And if it is, we want the quality of our relationships to meet that need.

But society tends to judge this need as « too much », « too intense » or « too sensitive ».

So we, sensitive souls, take decisions to protect ourselves from pain. To avoid separation or disconnection.

We create an identity of carefree, not attached adult. We say we don’t care.

In reality, there is still a child inside of us craving for deep connection, meaningful conversation, play and fun with others.

Reconnecting to that is one step in reclaiming full creativity and re-align ourselves to our authentic purposes.

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