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Awaken Your Inner Geyser

By December 22, 2023January 14th, 2024No Comments

Allow your inner volcano to be always active. From that magmatic energy, you’ll create from unstoppable inspiration and excitement.

inner geyser

With years of painful experiences, the crust of psychological protective mechanisms has formed to protect the soul from pain.

Once in a while, you can reconnect to that hot energy, that life force, when you start a new project, when you meet a new interesting person, when you do what you love. It’s the state of flow. The lava is flowing, the volcano spits a bit of its infinite energy.

The conscious work we did was to keep this geyser/volcano awaken. To always be able to tap into this high frequency of hot creative juice.

And yes, the crust will form again. And you will open it again.

This work will ultimately lead to a full-body magmatic power that infuse every of your actions, decisions and interactions.

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