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Lean Into the Abysses: growing through challenges

By November 8, 2023November 26th, 20232 Comments

A story about handling personal regressions on the path to self-realization.

When you are in a higher frequency state, a state of flow, joy, and enthusiasm, it’s like flying over the ocean, into the pure fresh air under the sun. Sometimes, there is too much wind, your power decreases, and you lose energy. You uncontrollably fall into the water. It’s a painful and scary dive. That’s how it feels to regress into lower emotions, despair, anger, anxiety…

The way out is the way through.

Don’t let the fear stop you, lean into it, use the inertia of the fall to go deeper, and like a dolphin, jumping in and out of the water, you can arise again on the other side. And eventually, rise to higher and better heights than you were before.

If instead, you resist, you abort your underwater dive suddenly, fearing what’s deeper, then you lose inertia. You will try to go back up to breathe, and you may succeed, but you’ll be stuck here longer, not anymore able to fly high.

So lean into it, feel it fully, let yourself go as deep as it brings you, and rise again stronger.

Ultimately, you may learn to fly for longer periods of time, and possibly, forever.


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